Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Process Giffs

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

CDW update

I had the last session on the last day of the CDW workshop, and I spent part of it giving this guy that up-specced laser rifle below. As it was end of the day friday after a long week, things inevitably turned silly. Here's what I mean, it was a collaborative effort with the audience!

Friday, September 14, 2012

CDW issue laser rifle

This is a modification I did to the laser rifle design below, on one of the CDW workshop days. I had been thinking that if a weapon like was to be lethal against targets many kilometers away, then it would need a huge camera sight to resolve anything at those distances. So I beefed it up.

Monday, September 10, 2012

CDW Wellington

Last week I had the pleasure to be a part of a week long Concept Design Workshop here in Wellington, with the talented Greg Broadmore and Ben Mauro (with special guest superstar and rad guy Robh Ruppel doing a special presentation on the Saturday). It was a new experience for me and I had a fantastic time. The too-talented crowd were very friendly and made me feel at home scribbling in front of them on a giant projection screen. So comfortable that I happily blabbered on about all sorts of nerdy shit that will probably be edited out of the instructional dvds that are to be released sometime in the future.

The above piece is a design I did on one of the days (we each had 3 hours a day, for five days), and it turned out pretty good. I wanted to demo my process for creating images based on photos, and it seemed to go down well, I had lots of positive feedback from the people in the crowd.

It's a 6 wheeled post-apocalyptic type survivalist vehicle. I like to imagine a post apocalyptic scenario where the scant remnants of humanity that survive some earth wide future cataclysm are the product of prior widespread genetic engineering, so are super smart and capable. Humanity isn't ready to come together into large communities yet, and instead highly independent solitary types roam the depleted landscape like tigers stalking prey in their territory. Their vehicles, while being cobbled together from scavenged materials, aren't the usual matte black rusty cars with spikes, but instead well engineered and capable things, with crane arms, articulated suspension, armoured v-hulls, and non-pneumatic tires. Makes for an interesting vehicle design anyways!

I'll post more work from the workshop over the next little while...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Robots with Lasers

Laser weapon wielding battle robot!

It's got a couple of tanks of liquid fuel around the torso, which is fed to a bunch of direct chemical to electrical energy fuel cells. The charge is then sent via a super conducting cable to the laser rifle, which has a stabilised emitter array and can laser-tattoo a cock and balls onto the face of an enemy soldier at a range of 15km, or burn a 5cm hole through his head, depending on the settings.

This guy was painted for the newly released book Nuthin but Mech from DSP, go buy a copy! It's filled with rad robots, from shit hot artists like Feng Zhu, Christian Pearce, Elliot Lilly, and nearly 40 others.

The laser weapon itself is a pulse or burn type, so it can be effective against soft and hard targets. The rear leg is servo driven so the gun can be placed on the ground or suitable surface, and controlled with the detachable interface. The high powered camera sight, in coordination with the stabilised beam emitter means that multiple targets can be tracked and targeted, and all destroyed with the push of a button. I wanted to design a 'functional' laser weapon, that uses the unique properties of beam weapons to its advantage, and looks like a laser, ie: a big cylinder.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Here's a quick illustration showing that bounty hunters assault vehicle as it would look travelling over rough terrain. The suspension is raised, the wheels have their tread blocks expanded, the crane arm is extended, and an inflatable storage compartment on the rear has been deployed.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Here's an ancient piece of District 9 design from way back in 2006. I was always kinda happy with this one. I think the brief at the time was for a powerfully built, bovine/herbivore feeling alien.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lady Pilot

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lady Max

Here's a piece of personal work that I've been thinking about doing for ages, and the chance to put it in an upcoming as-yet-still-secret art book gave me a reason to get 'er done.

She's a bounty hunter or vehicular assault specialist, and her car is a rolling weapons platform with all terrain capabilities. What's that you say? 'Not with those wheels and that ground scraping front end!?' Well, those wheels are special! Apart from being mounted on highly articulated suspension arms, and independently driven with ultra-high-powered superconducting in-hub electric motors, they have a surface that contains spools of carbon nanotube fibers that unwind with centrifugal force to bond with the ground like a gecko's foot. The strands have a special molecular switch that continually sever the setae fibers as the wheel rotates so they generate huge amounts of grip but very little drag. They also have expandable tread blocks for old fashioned mechanical grip on rough off road surfaces. And the whole front end and body is articulated and able to raise right up for maximum ground clearance, and that's before we even get to the front mounted crane arm!

Friday, March 2, 2012

In the Field

AR-4 Huntsman equipped for the battle field.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

AR-4 'Huntsman'

Autonomous robotic assault chassis. Liquid hydrocarbon powered with a direct chemical-to-electrical energy fuel cell behind the torso mounted ammunition box. Head mounted 15mm caseless autocannon firing double stacked 15x38mm armour piercing rounds. A lower mounted weapon fires specialty 15mm munitions. Rear mounted drum contains 1500 rounds of 30mm ammunition for the main weapon. The right arm is joined directly to the weapon with a forward sliding attachment point for one handed firing balance. The lower legs are protected by the flexible armour that would cover the whole unit when in the field. The armour has an active electrorheological layer that stiffens immediately under kinetic impact. But is otherwise highly flexible and relatively light. The feet are equipped with sensors to detect the surface and they, along with the environment calculations and movement processing from the CPU, decide whether to deploy either one or a combination of three traction methods. First is surface mechanical grip from the articulated toes and heels, followed by retractable pins that fire from the heels and have an articulated barb to anchor to the surface. There are also setae pads to generate intermolecular force with hard, relatively smooth surfaces. When this grip is combined with lightweight but rigid construction and an unloaded weight of 700kg, along with the prodigious output from the fuel cell, the unit can exert a huge amount of g-force and move with great speed and agility. Max burst speed is 200kmh with a sustained rate of 80kmh fully loaded. Total height of 3.2m

Monday, February 6, 2012

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