Tuesday, February 21, 2012

AR-4 'Huntsman'

Autonomous robotic assault chassis. Liquid hydrocarbon powered with a direct chemical-to-electrical energy fuel cell behind the torso mounted ammunition box. Head mounted 15mm caseless autocannon firing double stacked 15x38mm armour piercing rounds. A lower mounted weapon fires specialty 15mm munitions. Rear mounted drum contains 1500 rounds of 30mm ammunition for the main weapon. The right arm is joined directly to the weapon with a forward sliding attachment point for one handed firing balance. The lower legs are protected by the flexible armour that would cover the whole unit when in the field. The armour has an active electrorheological layer that stiffens immediately under kinetic impact. But is otherwise highly flexible and relatively light. The feet are equipped with sensors to detect the surface and they, along with the environment calculations and movement processing from the CPU, decide whether to deploy either one or a combination of three traction methods. First is surface mechanical grip from the articulated toes and heels, followed by retractable pins that fire from the heels and have an articulated barb to anchor to the surface. There are also setae pads to generate intermolecular force with hard, relatively smooth surfaces. When this grip is combined with lightweight but rigid construction and an unloaded weight of 700kg, along with the prodigious output from the fuel cell, the unit can exert a huge amount of g-force and move with great speed and agility. Max burst speed is 200kmh with a sustained rate of 80kmh fully loaded. Total height of 3.2m

Monday, February 6, 2012

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