Monday, February 25, 2013

CDW #02

Here's Mondays effort from CDW Adelaide. A fun little flat-headed assault robot with an ammo/fuel tank for a body. I've tightened the illustration up a bit from what I managed during the 3 hour demo (although the first hour was an intro, before doing any work).

Saturday, February 16, 2013

CDW Adelaide

I recently had the pleasure of teaching at a two week long CDW workshop in Adelaide, Australia, along with many other wonderfully talented artists, including Jamie Jones and Khang Le! I had a fantastic time, and managed to knock out a quick piece of sci fi concept design each day (we each had 3 hours a day, for five days). The talented audience were great and again I found it really rewarding to be able to offer inspiration, advice, and cheap dirty photoshop tricks. Huge thanks to Simon and his team for making my trip so memorable.

The above design was my Wednesday piece I think, and it turned out pretty neat. My little brief to myself was a future genetically engineered body guard, someone that would also be a fashion statement to the rich and powerful gangster or business magnate who'd be in a position to need/afford their services. She's about 7.5 feet tall, with super elongated limbs, and gold plated arms with incredible Strangle Strength™. Bullet proof boobs seal the deal.

I'll post the pieces from the other CDW days over the next little while.