Thursday, July 4, 2013



  1. awesome dude i like the head design!!

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  2. flat HEaD!
    Choice work with the translucency of the upper and those chompers!

  3. "You found me beautiful once."
    "Honey... you got real ugly."

  4. Dude. You can't just release an image like this to the public without an explanation, then just walk away. Did you really write a paragraph explaining how tires work on your Lady max vehicle... but this, you offer nothing? I have so many questions. lol.

  5. Cheers!
    Hey Eliott, what you want to know man?
    She's basically a more extreme version of the bio-engineered bodyguard I posted earlier. I imagine some futuristic triad or yakuza type boss with a couple 8ft femme fatale body guards like this, he'd definitely have the upper hand in negotiations!

  6. Ah, so she is a useful negotiation tactic/threat deterrent. Awesome; it all makes sense now. In my head, I was imagining that she was the same bio-engineered woman, that you posted earlier, but in her agitated, "hyper state". (As in, when it's time to get down to the business, her skin rips open and the teeth come out). See, that's why I need explanations— my mind goes to all sorts of places. :D Cheers.