Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Moar AVATAR gunz

here's a couple more nerdy gun designs for avatar.


  1. The Anti-Material Rifle is insane!

  2. Thanks again.... What drives me crazy is the numbers under the project name... How many pages is that book collecting all the design material?

  3. hey kermici, we produced well over a thousand pages of artwork for avatar. and that's just at weta. the LA art dept would have racked up way more than us. no art-of book could ever do these films justice! although keep your eyes open for the upcoming district 9 art-of, it kicks ass!

  4. What you're saying is making me both happy and sad. Knowing that all those awesome art exists and it will never see the light of day.
    They should release a digital library, some kind of special dvd rom artbook.
    Personaly it's mostly the human hardware i'm very fond of.

    And a D9 art of?!!!! Great news AWESOME!!!!

  5. Been following your work for a while now (deviantart page and your website), before even knowing you were part of weta and Avatar.
    An i wanted to say that you're one of the rare designer that succeeded in my mind the pefect mix between realistic futuristic military design and japanese mecha design look.
    Pure Cameron style, your were destined to work with him ^^

  6. Was this ever used for the film? I'm a 3D Artist and stumbled upon this and was intending to model this (albeit a bit modified). I always like to ask permission if I can track down the original artist of the concept. Would you be cool with that?