Wednesday, June 18, 2014



 C A R B O N
Science fiction art and design by Aaron Beck

More info coming real soon!


  1. This is something I just want to throw money at until it appears before me. I've been waiting to hear more of your book idea since you first made mention of it. Now a title and cover tease. Just further cementing my want for a copy of this whenever it manifests into reality.

  2. I'm so pumped for this. Aaron, are you going to do another Collective podcast when this gets ready to roll out?

  3. Cant wait for this dude. Im soaking all of this up.


  4. Fuck. Yes. Man...So Stoked you are doing this.

  5. Nice one! Great to see this coming to life at last.

    Looking forward to seeing all the new stuff inside!

  6. *shoves money into ethernet port* TAKE IT TAKE IT PLS PLS NAO.

  7. I am SO excited for this! More info, please!!

  8. This is gonna be sweeeet bol! will be rad seeing the combo of your art and a graphic pass on it!

  9. Definantly interested in this.

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