Thursday, October 3, 2013


Keloid II has been released! Those insane talents at BLR VFX in Spain have done it again, check it out:

Greg Broadmore and I were fortunate enough to collaborate with JJ and his team, and produce some new designs for the short. Here's some of my work:

BLR wanted a large mech unit with a human pilot, and I wanted to design something a little different with such a fun but familiar brief. With other autonomous robots running around it didn't make sense to have the pilot sitting in a traditional cockpit or controlling the mech with their limb movement. So I put the pilot in a low slung tank, where they would be ensconced in inflatable padding, and controlling the unit through a neural interface and display screens. This would allow super fast entry and egress for the pilot, and would look pretty creepy too.

Of course that means the pilot isn't strictly necessary so the pilot tank could be swapped out for a big ass ammo tank for a big ass gun.
BLR were also after a larger version of the original Keloid robot, and a human soldier with exo-skeletal gear and armour.

Here are some renders of the final models, and some screen grabs from the video:


  1. super great designs [loving the coffin cockpits] and the short was a punch in the face, congrats to you all!

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  2. OUTSTANDING!!!! Just watched the Trailer!

    1. John, you sly dog, funny see you here. Yeah, just watched the trailer as well. Shit rules!

  3. I huge loved your designs and "KELOID II" movie.I watching movie many many times.

  4. Yeah this shit is off the hook! I thought Elysium was badass, but THIS! Aaron, did you do any of the modeling for the film, or did you model anything to assist in the renderings or was it all just paint? Would love to see some process on these if you can.

  5. You guys should really take this idea over to kickstarter or indiegogo. I bet you could get enough people to crowdfund it to make a whole film.

  6. Who was doing the russian writings? They are lame, if I can be honest.
    I was helping once to Leri with it, so I'd be glad to help you too (he, also, said you don't know anyone who speaks russian and just use Google Translate).

    Nice work!

    1. I am Russian and trust me, the writings are more than fine. After I saw them, I've been wondering if Aaron was Russian, but your comment gave me the answer. =) Concepts are awesome.

    2. well I am russian also and yes some writings are acceptable, but some on a very poor quality

  7. Just the coolest thing ever, no big deal :D!

  8. Hey Emanster, I didn't do any modelling for the final assets, but I did make a really rough 3d model of the big mech that I painted over in photoshop.
    Here's a turn around of the rough model:

    And Yu, my apologies for any dodgy Russian! I just chuck words into Google translate and use what it spits out! Please send me your email address if you want to help me get it right in the future.


  9. Wa Wa Weee Wa!!! So Amazeeeeeeeng!!! You sir have a thunderous voice!!!!

  10. Amazing work!
    Are you aware that BLЯ, which reads as 'blya' in Russian, means 'slut'? A lot of Russian words & references in Keloid, so I wonder if that was made for purpose

  11. The fogggg the fog. I cant handle this.

  12. absolutely Stunning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Wooooow... Just saw the movie

  14. Aaron, from the work of crazy!
    Inscriptions on the Russian bit wrong.
    I can send correct. If you want to.

  15. I'm SERIOUSLY reminded of "Blacklight: Retribution" with these! Friggin' awesome!

  16. yeah buddy!
    these came out looking mean in the in the final flick, made sweet use of your sweet art

  17. This needs to become a full length project of some kind, amazing work but these shorts are over so fast and with this second one it really had the feel of a trailer...It makes you expect at some point to watch the full movie, except of course you can't, GRRRRR

  18. These all resemble excellent Aaron!

  19. Awesome work, but one awkward question: why this mecha pilot on second image is called "testicle"? and it is really that "яичко" mean in russian for most of the times.

  20. Then google translate gave me the right word! Testicle was what I wanted, as that is kind of what he is. It was a lame bit of fun, sorry about that!

    1. oh, so it was joke... but i don't get it anyway, so it still a bit awkward and confusing =(
      also: you guys need to think about make this type of action sci fi movie in Russia, because making movies in here costs less than in USA or Europe =)

  21. Awesome designs, Mr. Beck, but sadly enough they are the only things that are awesome in that short film. Everything else, except for them and the level of special effects, is just lame - I blame BLR for that.

  22. Beautiful work! I popped over here from Greg's site. You guys make a great team! Its amazing how you guys maintained the same distinct visual design language for Keloid. Well, I guess that's the job of any concept artist, but your mechs and Greg's mechs fit SO well together! It's like you were in each other's brains. Two questions if you're not too busy: Did you and Greg get to pick which mechs to design or it was kinda like the best designed mech gets picked? Can you post some of the rejected mechs/sketches? Thanks.

  23. Just pure awesomeness!
    Ah ben oui alors!

  24. Hey Aaron I built a lego model inspired by this:

  25. Шикарно,траксформеры тихо посасывают в сторонке.

  26. Amazing work!
    But newsline at 1:57 is looking like a joke. Seems it will be better to write "Последние новости/Столкновения между силовыми подразделениями/Правительство обеспокоено последними инцидентами". And "*** более двухсот пострадавших в центре города***".
    Best regards.

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  28. Gah, I love the big walker exos! They're fucking sweet, they remind me so much of modern day main battle tanks, what with the military style to it all with the reactive armor plates, the soft fabric protection, the heavy weaponry with the supporting armaments. So cool!

    I particularly like the beefed up autonomous version. Big crotch mounted ammunition tank is rad and somewhat hilarious but also ingenius, a clever and creative feature that is extremely modular just like many of your other designs. The massive cannon is very much like the autocannon you designed for AVATAR, and the shoulder-mount for the minigun? Fucking perfect! I love how even though the big autocannon is using massive ammo of like, what, 30mm, 40mm, 70mm? It still had the tinier 15mm(?) belt-feed from the previous unbeefy version.

    I don't think this is a mistake on your part, I think this is intentional. A sort of dual-feed system for the big bad motherfucker. If it is taking on smaller targets (infantry groupings, APCs, jeeps), it utilizes smaller rounds, but when taking on big boys like tanks, other heavy exos, the walker things Greg Broadmore designed, etc, it would utilize the larger rounds. I can envision a system where it alternated between firing one 75mm(?) round and a burst of three 25mm(?) rounds for reasons.

    I also love the rockets. That hexagonal+square-based missile plates are both neat and also reminescent of Navy destroyers, firing off missiles upwards via systems similar to that. But the big exo has a special version of it, a quad-barreled missile launcher and a massive rocket launcher complete with its own targeting suite (Newtonian-Cassegrain telescope optic plus FLIR/UV/Mag/etc. multi-spectrum?). I imagine the smaller one firing Metal Storm style superposed missiles with two in each chamber (total of eight of course) while the big launcher fires a massive bunker-buster/air-scattering cluster rocket.

    I also love your exo soldier (you should totally make more exo soldiers, my dawg!). Big 10mm cannon as a primary assault rifle, backup Kriss Vector, shoulder-mounted something (grenade launcher maybe?) plus exo-arm detaching to hold pistol? So cool! I love his helmet as well, looks to have chaff+smoke built into it. Dude's a beast.

    Also love your Mega Keloid Bot as well. Big slammer cannon is like a beefed up version of the Hammer Time gun designed for the Devil Helix Viper, same magazine mechanism and same Meat Tenderizer striker plates, plus retractable blade, though a bayonet this time rather than a knife in the handle. Love the face-integrated machine guns, by the way. Guessing 2x 7.62x45mm, AP in one set and HE in the other? The shield is dope as well. Imagining robotic flexible shield able to shift around as the robot needs it.

    Overall, all of these designs are super rad, and I hope when K E L O I D III comes around, you're there to design for it as well. Cheers!

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