Saturday, November 26, 2016

RIGS | Infinite Warfare







Some real-time in-engine captures of the RIG suits I had the honour of designing for Infinite Warfare multiplayer. The work done by the character team at Infinity Ward is amazing! It was a career highlight to have my designs realised to such a high level. Posing and lighting the assets in the model viewer and screen grabbing these images was something I was looking forward to doing from day one! Good fun.


  1. The FTL and Phantom RIGs are so cool.

    FTL definitely has an advanced prototype feeling to it, and those MRI/brain-map style images are really striking. The helmet is really nicely done, sharp and angular, and that neat spinal mount thing makes it very unique. Love those exposed wires too.

    The Phantom RIG definitely exemplifies your appreciation of the hexagon, has a very nice stealthy vibe, especially woth the evokation of the ghillie suit with that cluster of radar-absorbing material strips at the neck and shoulders. There also appears to be a mini-radome at the back of the helmet. Reminds me of one the designs you did for World War Machine, actually.

    As for the other designs, the Warfighter is fittingly the standard soldier you did for the campaign, what with the grids, pressure sealed 'leatherneck', and operator-style helmet.
    The Merc is heavily armored, and seems equipped with an exoskeleton and a shoulder-mounted launcher over the standard suit, and a nice skull motif on the face mask.
    The Synaptic is the C6 robot, but modified with a couple of arm-mounted guns.
    The Stryker is your SDF soldier design, but an engineer loadout version of it, as shown by that belt-carrier over the shoulder, robotic arm on the back and detached hand on his chest, and the batteries mounted on his vest.

    Would love to hear the briefs and breakdowns of these designs, especially the FTL and Phantom. They all seem to have quite a lot of neat design details, gadgets, etc. mounted across their bodies.

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