Thursday, November 17, 2016



  1. Haha, hell yeah, man! Rad shit. Guessing this came from some random sketch you did and decided to finish up in Photoshop like that one colored in neon pipebeard dude you did a while back. That shotgun's very reminescent of some of those guns you did for Avatar, and since I like asking questions, what are those little bolt things on the muzzle? Cause I've seen them in a few designs you've done.

  2. my guess would be they are some sort of recoil compensation, pushing the barrel down at the exact moment the recoil would push it up. This way constant automatic fire without leaving the target would be possible... just my 0.02$

    1. Oh, that'd be pretty neat, sort of like how muzzle brakes compensate for recoil but with less blinding flash and deafeningly loud bang. Maybe even adjustable judging by the notches? And this gun does certainly seem designed for full-auto fire, what with the drum magazine and the two shotgun shells mid-air. Maybe it even has a recipricating barrel? Just spitballing a few ideas.
      Thanks for the answer, man, even if it isn't correct (though I think it might be).