Friday, March 3, 2017

Call of Duty | Infinite Warfare | Concept Design



  1. Holy hell, talk about an image dump! I'd love to spend 50 hours writing about everything here, but I don't have the time sadly. So, I'll just write about the concept images I've had time to analyze (aka I was following your Instagram).

    The C6 variations are awesome, I love the up-armoured one covered in armor slabs, and the belt-fed AR/LMG is rad. I also like that the cable carriers have a protective cloth covering on them there. The other C6 variant I particularly liked was the skul4aface one with the shoulder MANPADS and arm-pit missiles! It probably wasn't an intentional thing, but I like how this munitions-overloaded fella pretty much can't use a belt-feed, so the belt-feed AR C6 is still relevant. It's a neat balance.

    The Rigs! The original Merc concept with the big-ass minigun and big-ass tank head is the coolest shit of all time, I absolutely love it. The little wheels on the minigun really make it, as its supposed to be something like a munitions pallet, so I can just imagine a dude welding some handles, and wiring up a trigger mechanism on a jet fighter weapon and bringing it into battle like a fucking madman. Also helps with carrying it, so you don't have to expend all your energy lifting the damn thing everywhere. Like a shopping trolley of death.

    Phantom is AMAZING, I fucking love his design. The radar-absorbent ghillie panels have an awesome circuit board sorta look to them, and the retractable idea for them is really neat. The big ol' spike on the side of his head is a really cool sensory device, some sort of millimeter wave thing, plus the classic Aaron Beck micro-radome on the back of his head. I also especially love the chest sensor array, really fits with the space theme as it reminds me of the James Webb Space Telescope's mirror array.

    FTL is also awesome, that spinal rig is such a visually interesting and unique thing. When I saw it in the game, I immediately thought "hey, that looks like something Aaron Beck would design"; you really do have a distinctive design language. The exposed wiring all over is sweet, the prototype-vibe you were going for is perfectly reflected in the design. I also love the tiny detail of the motion-marker things on their pant legs. And the helmet is cool too, love the dome-head-to-wedge-face sorta juxtaposition there.

    The C8 concept was one I was looking forward to seeing, and I'm happy I got to see it. The sorta 'bifurcated limb' deal with the left side of its body is so cool, and the shields (designed by Thomas A. Szakolczay, if I'm not mistaken) are neat and futuristic. The big fucking gun is great, love the mounting system for it, the muzzle looks deadly and I like the little gas tube there. Small detail but a good one (and drawing it probably took longer than it took me to type this comment...). Aside from the obvious assymetry of two different limbic structures and function, there's a little detail on the legs I like, with the exposed, uh, heat-pipes(?) on one leg, whereas the other has a cover. Little details like this really make a design all the more believable.

    Guns, guns, guns! I really enjoy the milled metal theme you went for with the weapons for this game. Very toothy and skeletal, really fits in with the SDF general vibe of ramshackle practicality. The reused trigger groups as, well, a trigger group, and as a foregrip really add to it. I can imagine workers ripping the handles off of power tools before welding and wiring them to mass-produced bootleg firearms. Also adds a level of redundancy in case one of the triggers breaks, which'd not be too uncommon seeing how taped together everything is.

    1. Had to split this off cause I got too long-winded...:
      The shotguns are so badass, the suppressor on the top one is just top-notch shit, and the underslung floodlight gives me an Alien(s) vibe for some reason. P90 magazines for shotguns is one heck of a concept. I love the black and grey coloring scheme of the second one, plus the door-breaching muzzle brake's toothy nature gives me some ideas for a grizzly melee-range scenario. Carrying handle and mounting rail system is cool, too.
      The bottom one definitely fits in with the whole P90-esque aesthetic with its compactness. Paracord winding around the handle seems practical and useful in a pinch. I can really imagine this shotgun being a sidearm or a conceal-carry thing.

      Those LMGs are really tight, love the folding bipod/meat tenderizer strikeplate-hybrid! Love the shape of the thing, it looks like a big hunk of metal with some LMG elements to it, like the box mag and belt feed of course. The cut-down barrel of the second one makes me think of a sawed-off shotgun somewhat, can definitely imagine a dude sawing the barrel down and drilling in his/her own muzzle-brake pattern. Love the Beta-C Mag-style dual ammo drums, and the fact that its offset by a bit due to the belt-feed nature of it, so rad! And the telescope optic with little stabilizing arm is just perfect.
      The thing I noticed first with the third one is the bayonet. I like how clean this frame is in contrast to the other guns. The big ammo drum reminds me of a concept you had for Elysium. The side-mounted PAW-20-style trigger here is a surprisingly sensible handle location, as you probably don't want your hand sliding into the bayonet, and there doesn't seem like a lot of place to mount a vertical grip.

      FTL's pistol and Phantom's sniper have something in common. That rail at the bottom, which I imagine as a sort of magnetic array which levitates the barrel of the gun which is fitted with some room-temperature superconductors for distributing recoil evenly. Maybe the FTL pistol has something like a side-mounted P90-style magazine which is fed by a magnetically-driven reciprocation.
      On the Phantom sniper, the little part of the rail ergonomic for carrying is such a neat detail, and the marble-looking camouflage on the scope and rail is cool. I am loving that saboted round, makes me think of a taser cartridge, very unique.

      And a few assorted thoughts: Prototype AR has a sick muzzle brake, and the DNVN nod is cute. Open helmet SDF looks fucking ace. Merc's second concept looks likethe world's deadliest boyscout, and I love the little axe mounted on his launcher. The tether on the space marine is such a sensible idea. The final image (concept for Warfighter's helmet) is super rad.

      Overall, killer designs, dude. Super satisfied with all of this.
      Not sure if you'll ever read this but I've got a couple questions: what's that thing on FTL's chest, and are those extra shields or something on the C8?

    2. You nailed it as usual brother! I'm honoured

    3. Honour is all mine, sir, thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing dude! Been looking forward to seeing all of your work for this game. Hope you've been well :)

  3. finally been waiting ages to see your work on this! tu meke bro!

  4. Oh. MY. GOD. IT's all so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing Mr. Beck.


  5. As always awesome Aaron, every time I think that you can not make better designs this happens .....

    Infinite Warfare is a shame, the design is impressive (of course I sensed that something you would have to see when you see Ethan in the trailer) but I believe in my humble opinion that the game does not deserve your talent, it is very badly exploited and I did not think good game.

    Then there are those who think that setting a game in World War I is the solution ........ what exciting, tanks with a top speed of 6 km / h, paper airplanes and wooden rifles .... ..the future will always be the future and for my part I hope to see someday a game that really represents your enormous talent and vision of sci fi

    Of course, and I think I'm not the only one looking forward to your Carbon art book, the wait is long ....

    A strong greeting and much admiration from Spain

  6. By the way, I have my doubts, but I think you've worked on the Ghost in the Shell movie, if so, I think we will soon have much more of this quality art around here .......... he he He

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  8. Is anything like this real I have a dead arm m/c accident no muscle movement no feeling it's just hanging there. It's been 17yrs. Thank you

  9. Very cool, wish more of this had made it to the game!

  10. Did you base the overall gun design on that Colt Canada Smart Gun prototype? The rail-mounted trigger group that can be easily-adjusted reminds me a lot of that.

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