Monday, June 15, 2015


I didn't get a chance to do a whole lot on Chappie due to other projects, and the only stuff of mine in the Art Of book, and therefore ok to show, are these super rough early scribbles for what was to become the Moose.

I did enjoy making these dino-bots though. A highly mobile attack helicopter/tank on legs.


  1. These are great! Are any of these going to show up in your eventual "Carbon" project?

  2. Hey! Nah, Carbon will be mostly personal work and new ideas. I might look into a general artbook sometime in the future but it would probably be a nightmare to get clearance to show film stuff in it. We're lucky if we can show anything at all ever... Like Mad Max, we at Weta spent nearly a year working on the new film and can't show anything, with no reason given. That's just the shitty way it goes sometimes. So Carbon is like an antidote to that, although it's going to take some time to create.

    1. Sure okay. Can you give us a rough idea on when you hope to finish the Carbon project?

    2. Carbon will take time and pressure, like the element's most famous isotope - diamond. I've got some exciting work opportunities happening that mean Carbon will be more of a long term project than I originally planned, but should be all the better for it. Thanks for your support!

  3. Nice to see all that stuff!
    I've got your card from Leri with signed artbook:
    It means a lot, thanks!

  4. I see a bit of SuperHind in the nose of some of those! Love it!
    Looks like Pearce went to a less organic direction.
    What did you think of the movie?
    (I want a cool card too ;_; )

  5. I remember seeing this in the art book, and loved it too!
    The movie was great. :)

  6. Pretty slick designs Aaron! Great to see some early designs of the Moose and those Dino-Bot designs.



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  8. Man, look at all these spambots :/

    These designs are really neat. I especially like the second one. It's the one I get the most attack helicopter/tank-vibe from, what with the wings with weapon pylons, chin-mounted autocannon, and cheeky jet intakes on the thighs and back, with what I assume to be louver'd thrust ports at the back of the leg. Super robot velociraptor jet fighter helicopter tank. Incredible. Love the assortment of armaments on that fellow as well.

    The last design is rather different from everything else, here. Seems to be based off of your "swat_bot_01" piece for Elysium, but with two arm-mounted LMGs, hexagonal-ported stacked missile launchers on right shoulder-mount, railgun on left shoulder-mount, and arm-integrated Jaws of Life tool. Rad! Plus it also has that robot head used in one of your Elysium designs (Kbot) as well as an unidentified ducted fan based VTOL dino-robot that was a part of your Carbon robot image collage.

    Rad designs. Moving forward on personal and professional artwork, you should definitely take into consideration the second Moose robot's leg integrated thrusters. Those are awesome and could make for some very intriguing designs, perhaps like the Megaladon aka Stompy McStompStomp design from Elysium.