Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Work In Progress

I don't really do this normally, but here's an early WIP of one of the pieces I'm working on for my future book project. I gotta reserve some exclusive art so that people will buy it instead of just saving the art from the internet right? So while this is all I can show here, rest assured that the book will have heaps of new stuff! And not just 'military robot with gun' designs either, not that there's anything wrong with them right?!

Look out for the kickstarter video and campaign for the book around July! I got big plans for this book, gonna be epic! And it's just the first step towards some much bigger projects in the future, the first few of which are already in the works!


  1. That is awesome, man. Looking forward to it!

  2. July?! That's so far awaaaay :(
    Do plan on setting up some kind of newsletter for the launch of the KS?

  3. What's wrong with military robots with guns? I hope your book has LOTS of military robots with guns! But I look forward to seeing whatever your imagination is going to come up with. I will be a contributor to the kickstarter in July for sure!

  4. Nice! Me too for sure...
    I literally can't wait!

  5. Looking forward to raising a few eyebrows when I have this on my coffee table in Washington DC.

    Will contribute to KS.

  6. This will be officially the first Kickstarter I care about enough to contribute to. Also, please hold back lots of work like you have here and keep it exclusive to the book, that's a great idea...