Thursday, July 1, 2010

AVATAR concept art

well, we here at weta have finally been cleared to show some of the design we did for avatar, a quaint little film you may remember, it came out last year and had blue hippy cat people in it. so over the next little while i'll be uploading some of my concept designs here.

this one was my first and really the only design we did for the cannon the amp suit carries. my thinking was that it's based around a 20mm aircraft weapon, that's been modified for use by the robotic humanoid AMP suit. hence the somewhat fabricated appearance and the big welded grab bars. this design was modified, according to jim's needs, to the final thing seen in the film.


  1. this is great, aaron! I like how the 'drum' is faded in the background.

  2. Nice work Aaron, did you use any sort of 3D for this or was it just straight to painting?

    Love this by the way, nice soft edges here and there on the bars looks sweet!

  3. Awesome work Aaron.
    It was really a shame that only a small image of your work appeared in THE ART OF book.
    Really glad you're posting this.
    Your gonna make a lot of people happy^^
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. cheers guys!
    hey benjie, the gun is all painted but the drum and belt started as basic 3d shapes.

    kermici, that avatar art-of book is terrible! hopefully they are working on a new high quality book, cause there was a shit load of incredible stuff done by so many talented designers... the stuff we saw from the LA art department was amazing.

  5. I love your weapon designs. Thanks for posting!

  6. You're making me drool at the idea of seeing a proper art of. I'm hoping for a huge art gallery on the deluxe edition bluray but i can only hope. I should have asked that to James Cameron when i met him, but felt it would be too fanboy style ^^

  7. The design is different from one we saw in the movie. This one was declined?

    Actually I like this one much more than the movie one, it was too simple, looked like anti-aircarft guns of WWII.